My Music!

Game: Be Gay, Do Crimes!

Battle Music

This music was meant just to play when you were in a fight, but it ended up being used for the entirety of the first two levels.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy with how this one turned out, and I think it fits just fine.

Camping Music

The calm before the storm... and after. Four girls away from home, nothing but the fire keeping them warm.

I hope I did a good job conveying the atmosphere.

Credits Music (Unused)

Since the credits is just a pop up in the main menu, this music was never used.

Maybe it could've been used for a future project, but eh.

Lobby Music (Unused)

I don't remember what this was supposed to be for, but it's a nice tune.

I might reuse it someday.

Level 3 (Market) Music

The bass sounds pretty awful in my opinion, but I suppose it's not that bad.

Level 4 (Train) Music

I think this is Zirk's favorite out of all the songs I've made for him.

Partially inspired by the Thomas the Tank Engine theme..

Title Music

I think this is Zirk's favorite out of all the songs I've made for him.

Partially inspired by the Thomas the Tank Engine theme..

Game: Dream of JOI (NSFW)

Challenge Theme

The song for the secret level. Zirk wanted something fast. I delivered

Notice the reused melody from the overworld theme?

Church Theme

While Dream of JOI has my favorite songs I made, this is NOT one of them.

I hate to start it off with this one, but what can ya do, eh?

Hypnosis Theme

Originally the idea of having a hypnosis segment was mine, I wanted to design her but through a series of miscommunications I couldn't.

Oh, and the song is nice too, I guess.

Lamia's Theme

I was inspired by the song Whale Whale Whale from OMORI. I wanted to capture that underwater feeling well.

I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Overworld Theme

The Roland Sound Canvas Piano 1 is a very nice sound if you just want some generic relaxing music.

Usually I'll go for a more realistic piano, but it's nice every now and then.

Game: Flock Friends

Deaf to All But the Song

A remix of the Touhou song of the same name.

Also just one of my favorite Touhou songs in general. This was fun to do.

Title Theme

I don't remember which Touhou title theme this is a remix of, but it's one of them.

Very funky, isn't it?

Memento of All Organisms ~ Memory of Fossil Energy

This is a cover of Yuuma's theme.

I wasn't very familiar with the song, so I didn't know what to do very much.

Game: I Love Not Thinking

Intro Theme

A short original composition of mine.

Very funky, isn't it?

Koishi's Theme

Koishi. My absolute favorite Touhou character.

This song got me 2nd place in the Touhou Game Jam contest in audio.

Game: Ice Cold Insanity

Dialogue Music

The song when they talk and stuff.

Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner

A remix of Clownpiece's theme from Touhou.

While I don't think this game did that good, I'm still proud of myself and the other's work on it.

Title Theme

This brings back so many memories for me.

I loved working on this project a lot.

Victory Theme


...yeah, for a Yuri jam game, we didn't deliver too much on that front. Oh well.